Guy -

Well, he’s back and with even more knowledge this time taking on New Jack Swing. Yes we’re talking about none other than our resident Music Historian Kamawl Williams and according to him there’s some sort of connection he can prove between New Jack Swing, the work of Teddy Riley and Guy and well, er uh. You’re gonna have to listen to it for yourself to understand this particular “thesis”.

Now as a responsible “Media Outlet” this definitely has to be said… we’re about nothing but positive vibes around these parts but we just want to keep the peace. At the end of this recording, there are a few veiled threats leveled at our Music Editor. Unfortunately, we don’t have an actual location on Mr. Williams as to where he makes these recordings or to be honest any type of contact information for him. The files literally just show up in our inbox and we post as a favor to one of our(well nevermind that part).

Anyway, gentlemen let’s not let this “Blog Beef” get out hand.