GFM's Songs With The Nastiest Bass Line Playlist

So here's what happened

So you know we had to take what the good #Growns posted in the comment section and turn it into GFM's Songs With The Nastiest Bass Line Playlist we had to.

Bass In Your Face Not An Eight Track

Well perhaps I had a few of these cuts on 8track, cassette, vinyl, you get it. Please make sure to subscribe to this playlist, tell your fam and friends. We will continually add to this list as more and more recommendations come in from you, yes that's right you! GFM is not some siloed lofty locale where curators of music sit high and look low and only post what they think you need as opposed to what you know you want. We're not all up on IG like we're.... I'm sorry ya'll I blacked out for a second.

Not Our Last Rodeo

This type of crowd sourced interaction is what we're all about. Without you there is no us. So we have designs on chopping it up a lot more with all of you around all types of musical ideas, notions, thoughts and opinions and why not make a playlist out of it so that we generate some artifacts.

Who's down?

I know I am.


Number One R&B Hits of the '80s

The Number One R&B Hits Of the '80s begin with Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" and end the decade with "Tender Lover" from Babyface. A pretty representative pair of bookends - The Disco Sound of "Rock With You" and the Electro-Funk underpinnings married to Pop Songcraft sensibilities of "Tender Lover". The decade saw a lot of changes in technology and culture that influenced the music.

This playlist simply seeks to highlight for historical purposes all of the songs that rose to the position of number one on the Billboard R&B Charts as a top-level peek into what was happening musically during the decade. We know that there are numerous musical acts and musical movements that are not reflected herein. 223 different songs by 128 different artists(a few songs and artists are missing from our playlist because: Spotify). We invite you to take a moment and consider who hit number one, who didn't and perhaps who hit number one never to be heard from again?

Please know we're not placing a premium on topping the chart. There are a number of factors as we know that contribute to a song acquiring enough mind-share to become as ubiquitous as a number one song becomes. More than anything this view of what was popular can be the entry point for a number of interesting conversations.

1. We all know about the dominance of Michael Jackson during the decade of Thriller but looking at the R&B charts Michael had some stiff competition from another Jackson... Freddie.

2. Noticeably absent from the number one spot on the R&B charts during the decade are The Pointer Sisters. Their success crossed over for certain but why didn't it cross back?

3. Speaking of crossover... from the crossover to the R&B charts side of the game the only representers for the decade are Hall & Oates, George Michael, and Michael McDonald as part of his duet with Patti Labelle. Discuss.

4. The period from 1987 - 1989 was incredibly competitive as well as has the most representation of new and different artists taking the top spot, what may have spurred on that amount of diversity?

5. Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" has the distinction of holding the top spot on the R&B Charts for the longest during the decade at ten weeks. The two songs that closely trail Marvin are "That Girl" by Stevie Wonder and "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson both holding the top spot for nine weeks. This occurred between 1982 and 1983 as the decade progressed we see less and less of this type of multiweek domination by songs. Any thoughts as to why?

These are just a few items up for discussion. Feel free to use this post and playlist in your own discussions around the web and at home as well as hit us up in the comments section with your thoughts, questions etc.,

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Gladys Knight onstage at Chastain Park

GFM Live: Gladys Knight & The O'Jays in Atlanta!!

Gladys Knight in Atlanta 8/25/15
Gladys Knight in Atlanta 8/25/15

When you have the opportunity to enjoy a live show from R&B Hall of Fame inductees, The O’Jays and Atlanta’s own Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Gladys Knight, that’s an opportunity you just don’t pass up. The O’Jays brought that familiar Philly soul with hits like “For the Love of Money”, “Let Me Make Love To You”, and “I Love Music” with an energetic groove that kept the crowd on their feet and singing with each song. The incredible Gladys Knight brought her beautiful spirit and flawless voice to songs like “I Don’t Want To Do Wrong”, "I've Got To Use My Imagination" and a touching tribute of Sam Smith’s, “Stay With Me” to her niece, Aaliyah on the 14th yr anniversary of her passing.

Overall, it was a real treat to see both acts. If you’re a fan of true R&B and Soul, you will not want to miss this show when it hits your town. Check out the cool pics from the show too...Read more

New Music: Bunny Sigler - "When I Think of You"

From the press release...

LOS ANGELES, California Four-time Grammy winning producer/singer/songwriter Bunny Sigler releases a fresh new single that will excite past and present fans. The prolific songwriter who produced the “Philly Sound” excites his audience with this highly anticipated new song continuously showcasing his classic R&B sound going back to his roots for something past fans will be excited for.

“When I Think Of You” is the first taste listeners will get until the release of Bundino, Sigler’s upcoming album out on April 14, which will be a complete work of romantic R&B, soul ballads.

Sigler takes all the right risks that will catch anyone’s ear. Known to many of his fans and peers as “Mr. Emotion”, Sigler still provides his signature smooth sound and romantic lyrics.

The accompanying music video for “When I Think Of You” is a perfect partner to the single showcasing a montage of photos dedicated to his wife and Bunny himself both old and new. Like flipping through a photo album of nostalgia, the sentimental release comes out just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Bunny has been known for working with a string of acts over the years such as Patti LaBelle, The O’ Jays, The Spinners, Curtis Mayfield, Barbara Mason, Gamble & Huff, Outkast and even Jay-Z. He continues to evolve as an artist staying in tune to what’s current in order to be a relevant songwriter to continue his long-running career in the music industry.

New Music: Chrisette Michele: "A Couple of Forevers"

If satin had a sound, this would be it. Chrisette Michele AMAZES on this track. Lately the use of samples in music have signified laziness and a lack of creativity on the part of some of these artists, but this is definitely NOT the case here. The O'Jays' "Stairway to Heaven" track was already certified smooth many years ago and Chrisette Michele breaks her vocals down, builds them back up and flips them over to it-- seemingly with no effort. "A Couple of Forevers" is right up there with the excellence that Luther Vandross gave us when he covered a song. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

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New Releases This Week: August 28

Check out some of the new music released this week:

Beautiful Surprise

Tamia: Beautiful Surprise

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Greater Than One

Dwele: Greater Than One

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Live In Concert CD+DVD

The O'Jays: Live In Concert

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Created4This (Deluxe)

VaShawn Mitchell: Created 4 This

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Also recently released:

Best Days

Tamela Mann: Best Days

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Same Name, Different Tune: "Used To Be My Girl"

Check out these two soulful jams called "Used to (Use Ta) Be My Girl"

The O'Jays: "Use Ta Be My Girl"

Brian McKnight: "Used To Be My Girl"

Frankie Beverly performing live in Atlanta

Live Shows: Summer Music Festival: Maze Feat. Frankie Beverly & Special Guests

Frankie Beverly

Summer Music Festival

Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly with special guests Tank, Babyface, The O'Jays and Patti LaBelle

July 19, 2012

Chastain Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA


Grown Folks Music was living up to its name at the Summer Music Festival in Atlanta, GA. How you ask? Well it just doesn't get any more "grown" than hanging out at a Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly show. The legendary band and recipient of the 2012 BET Lifetime Achievement Award treated us to all the jams like "We Are One", "Can't Get Over You" "While I'm Alone" and more-- providing the crowd with maximum "grown folk" entertainment. And of course, Mr. Beverly, and many in the crowd, were wearing the signature white attire.

Also on the show was Tank, who opened the show with a medley of his songs and who later joined Babyface on stage, along with a surprise guest: Babyface's brother Kevon Edmonds. Babyface also performed a medley of his hits along with hits he's written over the years for other artists; namely Bobby Brown, After 7 and Boyz II Men.

The mighty, mighty, O'Jays took the stage and although they have been in the business a long time... they don't show any signs of slowing down. No sitting on stools for these mature gentleman: they had choreographed dancing to compliment jams like 'Back Stabbers", "Love Train" and "Used ta Be My Girl".

Ms. Patti LaBelle began her show with a video montage that made the crowd anticipate her entrance, but when she appeared on stage, she was very subdued and not very animated. She didn't move about the stage and there was no "flapping of wings" or kicking off shoes... she just stood and sang. It was her background singers and music director who brought the energy to the stage. Nevertheless. Ms. Patti's voice is still very pure and clear. At the end of her show she performed "You Are My Friend" accompanied by a local choir and a video featuring her family members and friends, many who were famous, and some who have passed away.

Headlining of course was Maze who brought the show home and put the cherry on top of a sweet evening of entertainment. Catch the Summer Music Festival when comes it comes near your city if you haven't already, 'cause it's never a bad time at when real artists like these are performing.

Same Name, Different Tune: "Stairway to Heaven"

Enjoy these very different but classic tunes called "Stairway to Heaven".

Led Zeppelin "Stairway to Heaven" 1971

The O'Jays: "Stairway to Heaven" 1976


For Eddie Levert, The Show-- and Life-- Must Go On, Even After Losing Two Sons

You can tell yourself that it wasn’t supposed to be this way.

That two of Eddie Levert’s sons -- the boys who followed him into the music business and who hit the big time themselves -- shouldn’t have died. That this R&B superstar shouldn’t have had to live the parent’s nightmare of burying a child, only to relive it 16 months later. That he shouldn’t have had to spend another Father’s Day without Gerald and Sean.

You can tell yourself it wasn’t supposed to be this way. But Levert refuses to play that game.

Eddie Levert, R&B veteran and father of our Artist Of The Month Gerald Levert talks about life after losing his sons Gerald and Sean and how he finds the strength to carry on with his life and his career.

Read the story here


Photo Credit: The Plain Dealer

Author: John Sodor, The Plain Dealer