Click on the comments first and then come back for my little screed/rant dedicated to the people!

Reel talk (as in tape reel) I am so tired of all the industry talk because there would not be an industry at all without the artistry. People who make decisions at labels, who work with artist or otherwise concern themselves with the production and distribution of the sonic art form known as music should every now and then take a little time to get out of their own respective echo chambers and listen to oh I don’t know… the people. I don’t care if it’s labels, radio, or whomever. The people know what’s up and they know what’s hot and they’ll let you know. Nowadays people market to death hoping something will stick, that it’s relevant and it will promote some brand or the other. The only brand and the only relevancy in music is great. If it’s not great, the people will let you know and instead of calling them haters, perhaps a trip to the drawing board or the practice room or whatever solace you need to be great is in order.