No Plan B feat The Family Stand Performing The Great John Coltrane’s Composition…Naima…. (Sandra St Victor- vocals Peter Lord- Piano V.Jeffrey Smith- soprano sax.)

When something sounds/feels good don’t you have to tell someone about it?

I think far too often we sit back and wait for a corporate brand to tell us what sounds/feels good. But I’ll take the word of a human brand any day because most often(depending upon the person) the human brand is motivated by how an experience feels emotionally. Personally, I enjoyed the 5:34 of this track so much that I have played it three times while writing this post. Isn’t that how you really get to know someone? Don’t you have to spend time with them? Don’t you learn something new from each experience?

I’m sure this will be the first of many encounters that I will have with this wonderful arrangement of “Naima” I’m looking forward to getting know more about her.

7.Naima feat The Family Stand by hebop7