#SoulfulSaturday Surfaces ūüėČ

#SoulfulSaturday comes through in the nick of time, honoring Black Music Month. Even though we at GFM consider this a year-round ritual, we celebrate the rich performances, the brilliant artistry, and of course the origin of where it all started from.


This term, with its’ wide range of meaning has influenced the most prominent sounds that we hear on a daily. Just think #Growns, it all started from somewhere. Throughout southern regions of the U.S., a blend of gospel, rock, and R&B surfaced.¬†Southern Soul circulated heavily creating its own mainstream medium. For example, this globally-successful record became highly-noted as one of the top¬†Southern Soul¬†tracks of our time. This track alone embraced a uniquely rich, storytelling #vibe that gained national exposure to the genre itself.

99 was the year! The late soul vocalist¬†Mel Waiters¬†composed a jam that’ll forever dwell in “southern” musical history. Off the album¬†Material Things, enjoy the smooth, soulful sounds of the incomparable genre –¬†Southern Soul!¬†