Great in-depth interview from good folks over at You Know I Got Soul with the one and only Uncle Charlie

Despite his immense talent and timeless voice, it hasn’t always come easy for Uncle Charlie Wilson. Dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, bouts of homelessness, and then struggling to find a deal for years before recently having to beat cancer, the man has had his fair share of hardship.

However, his recent Grammy Nominations not only serve to show he’s come full circle and beat the adversity, but also stand as a form of vindication to those who doubted him and told him he was washed up. Now with a renewed vigor and passion towards music, he’s not leaving the industry again anytime soon.

As he puts it: “Right now I’m just getting started, they should have never let me have a microphone again!” YouKnowIGotSoul had a chance to catch up with the r&b legend and we spoke about his recent Grammy nominations, having such an influence over a generation of artists, the impact his wife has had in his life, the challenge he faced trying to make it in the industry again after rehab, being a spokesman for prostate cancer, what’s next, and much more.

For the full transcript go here.