I could go on and on for days about you. I  can remember hearing my first Lady T song on KGFJ L.A. radio when I was very young. I remember how it made me feel and I waited to hear more songs from you every day and night; Portuguese Love or Dear Lover or I Need Your Lovin’. No matter what they played it was always soothing and right on time and and great enough for me. Your songs were a permanent fixture in my late nights when I would go home alone, crying over something stupid “he” did. I will always have my memory of meeting you near the La Brea tar pits. I told everybody about that day and how mesmerized I was. You were so nice and pleasant. I told you I loved you and you, sincerely, told me you loved me back.

Dear Ms. Teena Marie, although I never made it to a live concert, I rocked with you almost everyday and night in my house, in my car and at my desk (when I had a job). I listened to every word you sang and I felt every lyric of it. Thank you for showing me, at a young age, what a musician, a singer and a passionate artist is really supposed to be. I love you for the lessons and may God rest your soul. I know the concert you and Rick are puttin’ on now is something realer than real.

With Respect, Love and Admiration

Your Biggest Fan,