I must admit that when the downbeat hit and the first few notes traveled through my headphones I found myself doing exactly what was recommended in the description on this video. There’s a recommendation to “Sit back and relax and get ready to unwind and release…. ENJOY.” In short order I did all of the above.

Kudos to Teddy Austin for truly making this Jazz Standard (written by Carl Sigman and Bob Russell and often identified with Billie Holiday) truly his own. Backed by an outstanding cast which includes: Tim Jackson/Drums, Whiz Mitchell/Guitar, Montrea Lowe/Bass, Mike McLymore Jr./Keys, Garret Dixon/Percussion, Dr. Carlos Simon/String Arrangment, Willis Polk/Sound Engineer.

This performance feels that much more special to these ears knowing that it was recorded live. It’s just something about when you have the ability to express the music in such a beautiful and immediate way devoid of artifice and bombast. This is truly a #Grown performance.