I love an album that takes me forward into the future of great music. The +FE label as a whole, in my humble opinion, has it’s finger on the pulse of perceptively fresh music. The Foreign Exchange’s new album Love In Flying Colors still pushes the envelope of genre blending. The consistency in successfully showcasing their diverse sound is what primarily keeps me on the look out for new music from the +FE camp. On their latest album aptly named Love In Flying Colors, Nicolay and Phonte take us on a journey of the vibrant sights and sounds of their current musical interpretation of love. The songs are produced using a balance of live instrumentation, relatable love themes and electro inspired beat making. The musical arrangements on “Love In Flying Colors” show us Nicolay’s ability to take us to different places and spaces in music. The catchy track “Better” takes me back to my initial feelings of hearing “Take Off The Blues” from the Leave it All Behind Album. This song is ear and soul candy at it’s best for me.
“Better” ~ The Foreign Exchange feat Eric Roberson and Shana Tucker

“On A Day Like Today” and “The Moment” Nicolay serves us that nostalgic 80’s style upbeat tempo which is sure to get your head bobbin, featuring sharp synths and a modern approach of house music.
“The Moment” ~ The Foreign Exchange

Nicolay then alters the hues of the album with “Listen To The Rain” which is easily a standout for me. Opening with acoustic guitars and sincere vocals from Phonte, “Listen to The Rain” later transitions into a song layered in beautiful string music harmonies.
“Listen To The Rain” ~ The Foreign Exchange

Love In Flying Colors has been played constantly since I’ve had my hands on it. What with Phonte delivering smooth vocals and displaying his superior rapping skills on several tracks? There are also several guest appearances from Eric Roberson, Sy Smith, and Calitta Durand just to name a few. Love In Flying Colors gives us a nice balance of entertaining dance songs and heartfelt love ballads. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate Nicolay and Phonte’s willingness to show us growth and boundary pushing while still remaining accessible to their fans. Speaking of which, +FE is also well connected to their fan base.
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