Check out the new video for Joe’s new single, “Losing”. Joe always comes so smooth and sexy with his (especially in concert–if you can see him live, then do so), that it’s hard to take up any issues with him. But, “Losing” is different than what most of us have come to love and expect from Joe–a ballad showcasing the butter vocals. Not that he should stay in a slow-tempo box. Never that–in fact, he’s brought “something for the streets” before with favorites like “Stutter”. However “Losing” is so production heavy that at times Joe’s voice gets lost in the track, and vocals like his should never play second fiddle to the music. In any case, shout out to Joe for staying strong in the game for all these years and his new album The Good, The Bad, The Sexy hits stores on 9/27.

Joe | “Losing” (Visualized by Aristotle) from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.