Photo by GFM
Photo by GFM

I apologize for the lateness on this post, but I’m excited to bring some footage from Mr. Hudson’s live showcase in New York on July 15th.

In case you don’t know who he is, he is the talented man behind “Paranoid” with Kanye West (his new single “Supernova” features Kanye as well).  With white-blonde hair and a singing-shouting style that brings a modern sound to pop/R&B, I expect we’ll be hearing lots more from him (Jay-Z has already nabbed him for his upcoming Blueprint 3 album).

He recently made his New York debut (he hails from London, England) with his futuristic band at the Canal Room.  His album Straight No Chaser comes out in October, and he performed six songs from upcoming release, including “Supernova” “Stiff Upper Lip”  (sharp beats and a chant-like chorus) and “Anyone But Him” — great performer, great energy.

Check out photos and video below.  You can pick up his single “Supernova” on iTunes and read more about him at his official blog

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