#Growns, often we post songs about love and if we’re being honest they are mostly about love as a noun. Nothing wrong with that, we need to be made aware constantly of that special something to strive for. Haitian born, NYC based singer/songwriter HERVÉ is reminding us that there is another facet for consideration and that is the love that puts us in motion. So as you press play consider the message of love here in a global, a universal context.

According to HERVÉ “Give Love” came when he was approached by a homeless man while on a stroll in Harlem. “It was a moment of clarity for me,” he says. “You hear people talk about love all the time, but I thought to myself, if I ignore this person who needs my help, then what would happen if everyone just did the same? What kind of world would this become? It occurred to me that real love is not a passive notion that we just talk about, but it’s an action, an expression we must constantly exercise which allows us to keep together.”

“My feeling that we need to, as I sing in the chorus, ‘give love every day,’ is the awareness that we are required to take meaningful action,” HERVE adds. “I also realize it’s a responsibility that all of us have to one another. If we all became indifferent to one another’s needs for love and kindness, literally all of humanity would fall apart. We cannot function or survive without it. This is what the song is, a reminder to myself, and by extension to all who listen, about what it takes to move and change the world and make a difference, one individual at a time.”

So here we are, in a world so desperately in need of love, where we are constantly inundated with the idea that all we need is… love. Yet if we examine the language that often surrounds conversations about love, we see that perhaps the emphasis is on the receiving as opposed to where HERVÉ squarely places the emphasis on giving. Giving requires movement, action, motion. Are you ready to move?

HERVÉ has performed at Joe’s Pub at the Public, The Cutting Room, The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, The Museum of Art & Design in New York City, The Dwyer Center for the Performing Arts, Archive Global, Fonkoze, The Bitter End, The Shrine, The Ethical Cultural Society, St. Joseph College, Columbia University and the University of Miami among others. With a growing fan base in Europe, Coeur opened for the legendary Temptations at La Cigale in Paris, and he co-headlined at the legendary L’Olympia in Paris.