I thought about the many ways I could begin this post and I just kept coming back to one word that aligns with the vibe: Dig. I mean like dig this. In many ways I felt the spirit of Hendrix in Marcus Machado’s playing, in the notes he chose to play and the space he gave in his playing. But the spirit was not only embodied in the playing but in what Marcus was bringing forth in his remarks about Hendrix. Considering that this was filmed at the Hendrix Flat at 23 Brook Street, Mayfair(London) there was probably not much of a choice for the resonance of those frequencies.

This type of content squarely falls in the Bridging the Gap arena that we embrace here at GFM. Paying homage while at the same time bringing your own spin and stories to tell to the at the campfire so to speak. So #Growns I’m going to need you to dig on this be pressing playing and get into the sound & style of Marcus Machado doing his own thing on a Hendrix type of thing.