This summer, Shanachie Entertainment will release the highly anticipated Leela James tribute, In the Spirit of Etta James. In listening to the track, I love Leela’s vocals! Her voice is  rich, indulgent and can be easily translated from soul to rock in the drop of a dime. Similarly, she shares an unusual resemblance to Etta’s punching spirit. On the other hand, the “music” seems to be missing “something”. While I’m not a purist when it comes to the notion of artist remaking classic songs, I have to interject my comment in this case. Appreciating the desire to infuse a new feeling and zest to this  classic, I feel the music has lost that “down-home-I-caught-the -Holy-Ghost” church feel that creates the perfect pairing of Etta’s “tell it like it is” voice. Tell us your thoughts!!!!

Photo credit: Duan Davis Photography