Ky & Kae

#Growns back in June we posted the beautiful and anethemic composition “Dreamer” from sisters Ky and Kae. In the post we mentioned that the sisters were working on an EP that they were writing and producing with Jason Jet(who you should check out as well). Released last month Pretty Little Butterfly is a collection of five songs that are positive, whimsical, empowering and encouraging.

There is an undeniable beauty contained in this collection of songs. I’m not just pointing out the novelty of youth, no the songs on Pretty Little Butterfly touch even this old guy on a level deeper than the encouragement of an elder to the younger generation. No, there are sounds and sensibilities here that actually transport me to the time of wonder, the time of possibilities, the times of why can’t we? That’s when music is working in one of the ways it’s intended.

Listening to Pretty Little Butterfly is the pause I needed to make today. It’s the hope I needed to hear. I encourage anyone reading this to take some time out today and just listen from top to bottom. Then take some additional time(it doesn’t take long) to encourage these young ladies. Encourage them to keep making music in their own way with the stories they want to tell.

Pretty Little Butterfly from Ky & Kae out now!