If you have spent any time on this site or any of our social channels you know that hashtag in the title is quite true. We really do regard our young folks quite highly around these parts. What these two young ladies Ky and Kae are doing truly warm my heart.

From their bio
Ky (Kyler Silas, 15) and Kae (Kaelyn Silas, 12) are sisters who enjoy harmonizing and making music together. Ky plays the guitar, writes songs, and is a budding visual artist. Kae enjoys vocal performance, playing the piano, composing music, and producing.Together they have formed their own production company, Bequest Music, LLC. “Dreamer” is the first EP they released in November 2018. This EP features three songs that boasts messages of self-empowerment and self-love. Their new EP is scheduled to be released Summer 2020. It features songs that they wrote and produced in conjuction with Jason Jet.

Now I want to bring a few things to your attention before you listen to the wonderful sisterly vocal blend that is found on Ky and Kae’s track “Dreamer” below. Aside from the astounding fact that these young ladies are entering this arena at 15 and 12, I want you to please direct your eyes to the fact that they are handling their business by forming their own production company. Isn’t that what Grown Folks do? Well, some. But just as important as the business is the message in the music. I(like hopefully a lot of you clicking this on) believe in the importance of dreams. I also believe heavily in the importance of stages of life and when I see and hear the joy of youth that Ky and Kae display here on “Dreamer” I feel better about the world.

#Growns make sure to give Ky and Kae your support. Here at GFM we’re going to keep an eye and ear out for what’s next for these Dreamers.