You know as we say around here at GFM HQ, “The streets stay watchin'” and for the last few weeks the word has been that singer/songwriter/musician Jarrard Anthony has been putting in that “Life Work” in anticipation of his new release Ready To Live due out June 19th.

Jarrard explains the impetus behind the project:

“…It means more than just living. It means enjoying LIFE & LONGEVITY. The READY TO LIVE challenge is more so a personal affirmation for him to rededicate his life to his own health and wellness.

Its more than just weight loss though…Its about discipline, accountability , and determination. Anthony is disciplined enough to focus on his tasks. He will be accountable for the outcome of his decisions, and is determined to complete his goals. Hence, it begins today…The READY TO LIVE CHANGE. Join him and pick one bad habit you will eliminate for the next 30 days. Hopefully, the impact will last a lifetime.” Hotep -JA

Make sure to check in daily here to keep up with Jarrard’s progress. Kudos to this artist who has chosen to make a statement not only with his music, but his life as well.