Beautiful song from James Ingram from his gospel album, Stand (In The Light), (Intering/2008). For all my fathers out there — check the lyrics!

The song is a tribute to his father who passed in 2002, who instilled in him the legacy of faith and the determination to ‘never let go‘ of God’s word.

There’s a live performance and great interview after the jump, where he discusses his faith, family and the story behind the recording of the hit song, “Yah Mo B There“. He’s been married for 35 years (35 years?!?!) and has six children. For those wondering “why a gospel album?”, here’s what he had to say:

With the release of Stand (In the Light), people have asked James, ‘if he has had a life of faith his whole life, why just make a Gospel album now? James replies that he has been writing Gospel since the early 1980s. His top hit Yah Mo B There is a song that he wrote to worship God in his own way. He wanted to praise God by His Hebrew name, but shortened it “Yah” and wanted to use modern day language. Yah Mo B There, his hit with Michael McDonald, was the most played song in 1984.

Throughout the years, James’ faith and knowledge of the Bible has grown. Earlier in his life, James says he was trying to get an understanding of the Bible. Now, he is trying to get an “overstanding.” In other words, he’s learned that there is a deeper knowledge of God than we think.”

Don’t Let Go” (Live on CBN)