The incredible Leela James. Nothing but raw, pure, unadulterated soul, funk, energy and realness. Unlike most of what you see today, you get a REAL show. We’re definitely looking forward to the new album, Let’s Do It Again (Shanachie/2009), dropping 3/24. Big shout-out to RealSoulMusic for the clips from the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Soul Food” Live @ North Sea Jazz Festival 2006 (A Change Is Gonna Come/Warner Brothers/2005)

(No Doubt cover) “Don’t Speak” Live @ Heineken Music Hall ’06 (Eric Stefani,Gwen Stefani)

When You Love Somebody” Live @ Heineken Music Hall ’06 (Leela James, Puff Johnson, Gordon Williams)(A Change Is Gonna Come/Warner Brothers/2005)