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Based in NYC but bred in D.C., The White House Band’s David E. Beats is the only original member of the group who are now making their way throughout the city. Having performed at such diverse spots as Webster Hall, Crash Mansion and The Knitting Factory, David’s sound is just as eclectic. But as far as hip hop, let the rapper and producer tell it, hip hop ain’t dead; it’s just creatively free. Here, David gives us a snapshot into his thoughts on hip-hop, “TGIF”, Justin Bieber and the future.

How did you get into hip-hop?

I was introduced to rap music thru Jay-Z. I used to paint, but never really liked it. But then a friend gave me the Blueprint album. From then on, I was hooked!

In terms of music, when I think of D.C. I think of go-go and R&B; Chuck Brown, Raheem DeVaughn, Meshell Ndegeocello. What’s the scene like there? Where can one go to rock out?

When I was living in DC we used to hit up U. St. Very artsy out there. Lots of clubs and poetry spots, plus music venues and open mics. I used to hit up Pure every Monday to watch other local rappers perform. Bohemian Caverns is a dope sauce spot as well.

In your opinion, what’s the state of hip-hop right now?

[Long pause] Artistic. And free. That’s it.

Since there’s a cluster of hip-hop acts  blending genres right now, folks like Theophilus London, Game Rebellion, Shinobi Ninja, how do you fit into that mix?

I don’t. Therefore I do. I am just me.

Good answer! So if I were to hijack your iPod right now, what artist would I be surprised to find? And it’s okay if you’re a Justin Bieber fan!

[Laughter] I really like Bieber actually. But I also like some Mansun, 30STM, Led Zepp, Mastadon, WTT, TI, many folks really!

Your track “TGIF [Thank God I’m Fly]” is a motivational type song, about confidence and all that, where’s your happy place? How do you stay positive in a business where basically anything can happen?

I don’t. When I am in a dark place I just let it happen. I wrote this song after leaving the dark place and coming back to a happier zone. It’s only natural that way.

So true…and my last question: Are you looking for a major label deal or do you want to keep it grassroots; have that creative control of being an independent artist?

My motto is that whatever happens happens. If my path leads me down that road, I must follow it!


You can follow David on Twitter @davidebeats or by visiting The White House Band’s website.