I received a recommendation the other day from Stevie Robinson(ardent supporter of the indie soul movement, she makes things hapen ya’ll) that I become a fan of Gloria Ry’ann. Since I’ve come to know a lot more about the artists that Stevie reps over the last month or so, it was a no-brainer that I was going to click on the link and see what this artist is all about.

So when I landed on the homepage what did I spy but a live version of one of my favorite Minnie Ripperton tunes of all time. Did I mention all time?

On Inside My Love Gloria Ry’ann sounds as relaxed as a walk in the park. From middle voice to the whistle register Gloria is in possession of a vocal tone that is simply beautiful. I know that there is plenty more in store for us from Gloria Ry’ann in ’10. I for one have reserved a place on my musical radar screen for this artist and I think you should too.