“Any campaign (creative, cause-related or entrepreneurial) can raise money, offer perks, and keep 100% ownership.”-From the Indie Go Go website.

That really is worth repeating, especially the 100% ownership part. Artists have always found themselves in need of support to create and distribute their art. From Patrons to the rise of the early Publishing Companies and eventually Record Labels artists have enlisted the help of these “partners” to help the creative process and the lights on while the artist works.

Of course it has often come at a price. Throughout history there have been a few benevolent patrons who truly were altruistic in their dealings with artists. Unfortunately, that’s often been more the exception than the rule. What
is revolutionary here is the opportunity for artists to get support without having to worry about giving up an equity stake in their creation.

As an aside… while we’re on the subject a friend would not ask you to sign over your publishing rights to them and then cry about how you were their best friend after you meet a tragic untimely demise. But I digress…

Point being Indie Go Go is a great service for all creatives, with great rates and the only service of its kind that is truly international(able to accept foreign currency). Please consider using Indie Go Go to fund your next project so that you can keep all of the pie.

Special shout out to Fiona Bloom for putting us on to Indie Go Go.