Rod Temperton

Genius is an oft bequeathed title upon which many in this contemporary music space are prematurely (and in some cases not deservedly) entitled. This is certainly not the case with the late 20th century master of the the three minute masterpiece – Rod Temperton. From his group Heatwave to the King of Pop and numerous projects in and between, Rod Temperton set the standard for what the possibilities were for elevating the pop song into the realm of the classic.

Lush, inventive, sophisticated, memorable are but a few of the attributes that come to mind when you consider Rod’s body of work. Like so many lovers of great music were all saddened here today at GFM HQ upon hearing the news of his passing at age 66. Please take an opportunity to not only listen to this great writer’s work, but also share his work among the younger set who might not be aware of the width and breadth of the musical contributions of Rod Temperton.

We’ll leave you with a big, big hit composed by Rod – the timeless “Rock With You”

Rest well…