Many of us have seen countless renditions of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. but never quite like this. The stage production, “I Dream” is a theatrical blend of history and music that travels through the hardships and triumphs of “a preacher from Atlanta” who would later become the voice of a movement. The production begins with a “young” Martin trying to find his way while being nestled in the racially charged culture of the South. In an effort to seek his path, we see not only his experiences but the cultivating relationships that would later sculpt his dream.

One of those voices was played beautifully by indie soul vocalist and musician, Avery Sunshine. Her role as the uplifting “Grandma” was so fitting of Avery’s talent in touching the heart and emotional chords of a song. From her performance of “Sunday Best” to the sentimental “Midnight Moon”, you forgot it was Avery and really connected to the warmth of the character she portrayed. As things progress, we began to see the emergence of a “self-assured” Martin as he finds his call not only through the struggle for freedom but in his own personal trials.

Played by Quentin Earl Darrington, we start to further relate with King’s inward turmoil as a man desiring to protect his family and a leader who must sacrifice in the performance of “An Attack At Midnight”. Complimentary in stature was “House of Payne” cast member, Demetria McKinney who played “Coretta Scott King”. I was truly blown away by her vocal strength in the selection, “A Man Like You”. Hands down, this was her shining moment and in my opinion a wonderful testament to Coretta’s beauty and power within King’s life. Overall this Douglas Tappin production directed through the infectious passion of Jasmine Guy is a must see! Through the foundational element of music, “the story of a preacher from Atlanta” ties us not only to the greatness of this man but a God-inspired dream!

Please be sure to check out “I Dream” at the Alliance Stage of the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta and see some of our pics of some notable guests such as Bernice King, Jasmine Guy, Christine King Farris and others at the “after-show” reception.