Nina Brown & Hill Harper
Nina Brown & Hill Harper

Hola my GFM family!! Sorry I’ve been away but I was cooking up something I know you’ll like. I had the great opportunity to chat with Ms. Nina Brown, radio producer of V-103’s Frank & Wanda Morning Show here in Atlanta. Being the instrumental force behind Atlanta’s top radio morning show and a true mover & shaker in the industry, it was an honor for me to sit and chat with her on the subject of music, the industry, relationships and other topics dear to her heart.

Be sure to check her out Monday – Friday, 6am – 10am on the Frank & Wanda Morning Show and visit her site at For those of you who missed her celebrity studded “Battle of the Sexes: Venus vs. Mars” relationship panel, be sure to gear up April 29th here in Atlanta and coming soon to Washington, DC in July. Now, sit back and enjoy this great exclusive interview with the “Make It Happen Captain”, Ms. Nina Brown.

Part 1 of 5 (Nina talks about her beginnings in the radio industry, her role models and the good, bad and ugly of the business)

Part 2 of 5 (Nina talks about artist promotion, her hectic lifestyle in radio and the soundtrack of her life)

Part 3 of 5 (Nina talks about the responsibilities of radio within the community and motherhood)

Part 4 of 5 (Nina talks about her views on relationships and marriage)

Part 5 of 5 (Nina talks about her views on spirituality)