Guy, at the height of the ‘New Jack Swing‘ movement, with a couple of their biggest hits. Check out the interesting interview with original Guy member, writer-producer, Tim Gatling after the jump, giving his perspective on the origins of Guy, the split & the New Jack Swing era.
Shout out to Keith “Zappman” Crenshaw for this insightful interview.

Let’s Chill” peaked at #3 on the U.S. R&B charts, while “I Like“, off their debut album, Guy, hit #2.

Aaron Hall
Teddy Riley
Timmy Gatling
Damion Hall

The Guy Breakup

Guy Live Hits medley

“Let’s Chill” (Bernard Belle, Teddy Riley”), The Future (MCA/1990).

Tim Gatling Interview (Part 1)

Tim Gatling Interview (Part II)