I’m probably the least qualified person to write this post because I am at once blessed and cursed with a photographic memory. So if I see/read a tweet it’s filed away. But let me back up for a second before the tomatoes are hurled in my direction. I am not in any way suggesting or(worse) insulting anyone’s intelligence by the suggestion that they do not know how to use the micro-blogging service known in these streets as Twitter. No what I’m suggesting is that some people aren’t using it right. There’s a difference. The focus of my ire? Well this is Grown Folks Music so perhaps we’ll mention an artist or two(of course without mentioning said artist or two by name that would be gossip and you can go here for that) McDonald’s/McDowell’s.

Soo let’s get into it.

Same As It Ever Was…

Talking Heads

Yes. The. Same. Tweets. Every. Day. At. The. Same. Time. About your alblum(yes I meant to spell it that way). I understand that when you broadcast a message to your _______ followers that all of them will not see it at the same time. But can we mix it up just a little bit? Just a little? Change some words around, auto-schedule the post to hit at a different time of day, hell take a day or two of and come back fresh. But honestly I’d rather hear from and about you more than the product, so figure out a way to let the product be an extension of your personality.

The Cool Kids Table

Cool Kids

Nope the impetus for this is not me being “butthurt” over any particular artist saving their RT’s and big ups for the perceived “cool kids” of Twitter. Nope. However realize that the anonymity of cool names and perceived influence is a two-way street. Sometimes you don’t know who you’re talking to so if someone takes the time to do some thought-provoking, well put together work that celebrates your work you might want to take a little time out to acknowledge. From what I understand you can RT something in shorter order than dropping a sugar cube into your morning coffee.

As I take my seat…

Who Are You???

Who Are You?

No seriously. Here’s the problem that I have and have had pon de Twitter for many a moon. Everyone’s a legend. Everyone’s bringing R&B. Everyone’s an influence. On and on ad infinitum. The issue is if everyone is X no one is X. I mean I’m not saying there haven’t been a lot of artists over the years that have made some songs that have a good beat and you can dance to it, but let’s just be honest and real(as the kids would say) that’s where it ends for many and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I would be completely fulfilled with having composed a song that’s got a good beat that you can dance to. So let’s try to do a little better with our words and perhaps reserve the “legendary” moniker for those actually deserving of that title. Just because you’ve been doing something a long time doesn’t necessarily make you a legend.

Secondly, please stop with them tweets about bringing R&B back… unless you’re actually skilled in the arts and sciences of R&B and not just singing over a beat. Hell, we’ve got Drake for that and he ain’t tweeting about bringing R&B back because that’s not what he’s doing. Bringing it back from what? How about move the music forward? How about make some actual music? Yeah… let’s start there. Now I will say this grumpy cat is seeing some folks out there tweeting and backing it up with some great music that moves us forward. That’s another blog for another day, because I’m still in grumpy mode 🙂

Lastly, who are you??? No, I’m serious. There are some folks out here in these Twitter streets that talk about themselves and their music incessantly and I’m trying to gauge exactly who they are. Like I know I’m nobody and I’m cool with that. I somewhat relish the freedom that anonymity gives me. But there are peoples(yes peoples) outchea that cite every artist from Blind Willie McTell to Slim Pickens (and everyone in between) as an influence. Usually when they cite the influence the legendary labeling is not far behind and then the pièce de résistance is when they insert themselves into the mix. Humble much? I mean I guess it’s cool to be excited about what you do, but then when I hit that link and you’ve aligned yourself with some actual legends and your music sounds worse than the 8-bit theme music from “The Legend Of Zelda” videogame I’m going to need you to do something for me… it’s really and truly the grown thing to do.

Sit. Cho. Arse. All. The. Way. Down.