I am. A revolution of new ideas, new ways of doing things, new faces, new places… I’m tired and I’m sure some of you are tired too. We need more than the same ole love, because that’s really tired. It’s 2015, not 1985 and it’s time for media and music to move in that direction. Oh I’m not saying that it isn’t, I mean look at the kids. Not so much the content (because Trix are made for kids) but the way they consume, discover, share, comment… we could learn a few things from their example.

As we’ve stated numerous times within the confines of this blog: Grown is not old. Grown is just that – grown. Grown does as grown does. The problem? Too many folks out here masquerading on both sides of the spectrum – they’re really young acting trying to pass that off as grown or they’re old acting trying to pass that off as grown. Grown is a standard. Let’s make sure we keep it that way and the best way to do that is to have voices out here to counter the nonsense. Grown is not being able to say and do whatever you want whenever you want, that’s a half-truth. The other half of that truth that many forget is that for every word and deed there are responsibilities and repercussions. Now if you have the ability to handle those, then great and welcome to the club, if not there are seats. Further, Grown is not a blanket license to stay stuck in your “day” (as in “Back in my day”) and to inundate us daily with that day so that we don’t have a real opportunity to live this day which truth be told is all we really have anyway.

I am a student of history, I revere the past, I just don’t live there. Seems like so many media outlets especially when it comes to music of a “Grown” nature mistake that moniker for old. No. Mas. If I have to be the lone outlier over here yelling a couple a times a week about great music and media that is being made right now, so be it. I will take any and all heat from all corners and comers because it’s so important to me to make new memories, to hear, taste, smell, feel, and know about 2015, not the decades and roads I’ve been down before. Sure, I revisit them (and we here at GFM do too esp. on our FB presence) from time to time and the memories are fond, but what about right now, today, what’s the memory, the feel, the music, the move for when I leave this J.O.B. at 5pm? Who am I going to listen to for soundtrack that will make me feel Grown and Fresh on the commute home? What’s going on in 2015 and not 1971? Do you want a Revolution? Are you ready for a Revolution?