What an honor and a privilege it is for us here at GFM to present this exclusive premiere of “time” the new short film from Mecca Film Works featuring vocalist Debórah Bond. This is Art. Oh how we love to support creations in this realm and to understand the era that we are in, the conditions that this creation was birthed underneath we owe it to ourselves and the creators to go on the journey with them.

Film synopsis:

“time” is a short film by Mecca Film Works featuring vocalist Debórah Bond. The story plays on a modern day “quantum leap” where Deborah time travels as a singer during the 1950s and 2020. The film leaves it up to the viewer to identify what time period is Debórah’s actual reality as you get a glimpse of what working with her would be like in both time periods. Filled with soulful sounds, stellar visuals & editing, even moments of humor, the video is a continuance of Deborah’s music video album. Each video will tell the full story.

T.L. Benton (Mecca Film Works director, writer, DP)
Mike YeYe – Production Assistant
Johnna Dominick – Production Assistant