This lively and informative chat with Debórah Bond is one that you want to take some time out of your schedule to check out. From dealing with the Covid era as a working musician, to her latest single “radio” her first single in ten years, to her work with Bluey from Incognito, her first solo album compass: I, and much, much, more!

Editor’s note

This interview was recorded in late February a week prior to our Music Editor @iorr03 coming down with a serious illness. He’s fortunately on the mend now and much thanks to Debórah and her entire team for their support, grace and understanding in this unfortunate delay of getting this great convo.

Written & Performed by Deborah Bond
Produced by Trey Sorrells
Directed by T L Benton/Mecca Filmworks
Styling: Alan Kitrell
Makeup: Ruben Bermudez

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