While we’ve all been patiently waiting for some new product from the lovely Dezaray, patience is indeed a virtue. In the meantime and between time, we have a smooth remix to hold you over. Here, Hide Away, from her 2009 Chameleon EP is given a funkier spin, perfect to ride out too during this hot summer.

Hide Away‘ is one of the smoother tracks off of my Chameleon EP. What better way to lean back on it then to give it that “low-rider” vibe. East Coast meets West Coast as Pittsburgh, PA producer BusCrates 16-bit Ensemble gives this song a Long Beach groove!

<a href="http://dezaraydawn.bandcamp.com/track/hide-away-buscrates-16-bit-ensemble-remix">Hide Away &#8211; BusCrates 16-bit Ensemble Remix by Dezaray Dawn</a>