Growns! Something new for you and your entire crew… here’s the part where we chop it up at HQ about projects that hit the inbox. So what we are gonna give you is a glimpse of what you might hear if you were seated near the table with the big pieces of chicken! So without further adieu check out the comments about a new video Fergie dropped recently:

“And y’all thought JLo was thirsty…”


“15 secs. in I straight turned it off.”

“I can’t with this. For many, MANY reasons!!!!!!”

“Sooooooo you felt the need to show that Iggy wasn’t the only white girl who knew how to rap, and you made a song straight jackin Iggy’s style that Iggy straight jacked herself??? Come on son!! Here we have yet another 40 something year old woman trying to show her body (with her BOUGHT booty and hips because Fergie was flat as a board in the booty department until a few years ago) and supposed hood-ratchetness and for WHAT??? ya’ll said it: THIRSTY. This kind of stuff burns my butt. It’s not cute in any shape or form.”

“The killin’ part is she, unlike JLo, can sing. Just sing girl. you already did Fergalicious… and it worked! So now just rock out. and still look fly.”

“Exxxxactly!!! Fergie can sing her face off – so SING!!!!!! This right here is just like “WHY??”

“I actually don’t mind her showing her body if she’s jammin. I just want her to throwdown. Her body was the only thing hot about that song.”

Welp, there you have it hot and fresh from the Grown Folks Table. Until the next time and the next big piece of chicken.