GFM is proud to present the music of Erin Barra. This Berklee College of Music alum who originally hails from Utah is making quite a name for herself through her distinctive mix of Pop, Rock and Soul with splashes of Reggae.

She has even garnered the attention of the legendary John Oates of the legendary duo Hall and Oates who says: “When I first met Erin Barra at Berklee… I sensed she had something special. After our first writing session together, my instincts were confirmed. She is an “old soul” musician with a very modern songwriting sensibility. She is the type of artist who can have a long career in the music business.”

Checkout her new single “Magician” below which is also being offered as a free download(by clicking the down arrow on the right side of the music player) to the GFM Fam. Special thanks to Fiona Bloom for bringing the music of Erin Barra to our attention.

Magician by GrownFolksMusic