Friday night into Saturday morning I was so inspired by listening to the WTF Podcast episode that featured Sinbad as the guest that I had to write about it. You can read that post here.

My point here is not that I have an expectation that when I write and then tweet someone that about said writing that they are obliged to tweet me back or re-tweet. Nothing could be further from my mind when I do that, I am someone who shares and so I share and for the most part that’s the end of it. Sinbad was very gracious to reach out. I appreciate and applaud that but I also understand that Sinbad knows how to navigate this space, he’s a self-professed techie from way back. So Sinbad had the media part down from way back and I’m inferring here, but based on his output over his career he seems like a very cool and social person. So we salute you Sinbad! We salute you on behalf of all the thought pieces, tributes, reviews, etc., that go out into the vast expanse never to be acknowledged.

Many thanks!!!