#Growns this would be a perfect day to take a little time out and check this interview with Sinbad from a recent episode of Marc Maron’s fantastic podcast WTF. Always great to hear creatives chop it up about their craft. This episode is that and so much more, we as an audience are allowed to glimpse layers and depth that just doesn’t happen in traditional media.

I will give a caveat… I’m a big man but I’m not too proud or ashamed to admit that I was moved to tears several times during the course of this interview because this is a story of someone who was determined to make it and he did: his way! So incredibly inspiring and truth be told my level of respect for Sinbad was already incredibly high(Sinbad was one of the few comics/actors that my father would seek out and we’d watch together and share many laughs. I miss that as much as I miss him.) and he managed to take that to an even higher level as he discusses “Hollywood” amongst other topics.

Enough of my babbling. Press play.