There’s a conversation that has been brewing for quite sometime that have involved what I term “Those of us concerned with music” both on and offline. DJ Speek Greene pulls no punches in this video as he brings the issues front and center re: Hip Hop. There are many jewels you can take away from what he states, but his thoughts on the importance of regionalism in the music, the artists of the 21st Century who have served in the capacity of bridges and the fact that there are currently a few artists on the scene (Joey Bada$$ and Kendrick Lamarr) in particular who are positioning themselves as the next generation bridge builders is in a word: golden.

So fam, if you are concerned about the music, take the time out to checkout Pt. 1 of course be on the lookout for Pt. 2 but I’ve heard from Speek and he’s put the word out that he will be tackling the issue of Soul music as well very soon. So keep it locked right here to GFM.