This is some great riding out, chillin’, vibin or whatever you want to call it —– it’s just good music. This is the new mixtape from Coultrain aka Seymour Liberty, mixed by DJ Limelight.

If you’re not familiar with his work, look no further than this compilation and I’m pretty sure you’ll become a fan. Hit the jump for the track list and the arrow to download. Enjoy.

As the story of seymour liberty continues, there have been many characters, “seers”, who have found themselves moving in the same golden circle, drawing and inspiring…this time 3 is the magic number; The perpetual rebel, johari palacio, who meets seymour amidst a journey thru the south, both seemed 2 be building the same machine. Capturing the bright moments*, visual artist christian ericson discovered he 2 found himself in that parallel universe, and thru his conversations with johari, he thought it beneficial 2 introduce, the musician DJ Limelight. 2gether thru their own “accidental” meetings found the synchronicity 2 pull 2gether a collection of thoughts 2 create what is in so many words, what’s been said and when, where and how…and 2 give x 2 those who may be watching, reasons 2 interpret its story, maybe even finding some parallel with their own…What follows this, turns a crucial curve, a shift in the paradigm of sorts. As in all aspects of life, change is inevitable, and change in perspective also brings change in expression, and seymour finds himself in a new space, hence his canvas must also be rearranged. Be prepared…4 those who choose 2 listen will also perhaps research the previous releases by coultrain 2 put the puzzle 2gether. This is what occurred WhileSheWasSleeping…

Coultrain X DJ Limelight-While She Was Sleeping (individual mp3 tracks) by Coultrain-WSWS

01. I – Coultrain
02. Love Meaning – I, Ced feat. Coultrain (Spirit of Soul – Hop Sampler ‘09)
03. Edge Of – Daru Jones feat. Aisha & Coultrain
04. Lost in Translation – Coultrain (The Adventures of Seymour Liberty)
05. Playin’ Catch Up – Coultrain (The Adventures of Seymour Liberty)
06. Green (Tall Black Guy Remix) – Coultrain (The Adventures of Seymour Liberty)
07. She Wanna – Hawthorne Headhunters feat. Coultrain & JimiJames
08. Devika (Goddess) – Lonnie Liston Smith
09. A Good Woman (Interlude)
10. Girl of My Dreams – Coultrain (The Adventures of Seymour Liberty)
11. Believe Nothing – Coultrain (GodMustBeABoogieMan)
12. Screw – Coultrain (The Adventures of Seymour Liberty)
13. 1st Steps… – Coultrain (GodMustBeABoogieMan)
14. What X It Was – Coultrain (GodMustBeABoogieMan)
15. The Wanderer – Coultrain
16. Coultrain Interview
17. Never Give Up – Hawthorne Headhunters feat. Coultrain
18. Parable of A Shiny Miracle – Coultrain (GodMustBeABoogieMan)
19. Acknowledgements – Coultrain