This “story of famous dogs” doesn’t begin with a radio friendly reception upon its release. As a matter of fact, Atomic Dog, probably one of the most revered party songs today, was shunned “like a dog” by radio because of industry hang ups and Clinton’s political standings. Released in 1982, Atomic Dog was birth from a preliminary track from David Spradley, Garry Shider and a loose spontaneity of George Clinton. As fans, we marvel at the groove heavily provoked by a synthesized sound but for Clinton it was just a matter of getting behind the microphone and saying whatever came to mind in the moment. Nothing really premeditated, just having a good night of partying and putting it to wax. With that in mind, especially the notable sexual innuendo of a “dog chasing the cat”, I’m surprised Atomic didn’t contain more explicit content. But when I ponder further, there may be an uncensored version that never found the light of day. One never knows….

While this song has been sampled more than a “freak of the week”, it hasn’t gone without its share of lawsuit infringement issues. Like any song that has a notable line, these elements were taken by R&B group, Public Announcement in 1998. Fortunately, the court ruled in the creator’s favor understanding the brand recognition and importance of these creative elements. The writers were compensated for damages.