Alright #Growns let’s get into it with Alia Fleury and “C.U.B.” feat. Curren$y. This is definitely a Grown Folks convo. I mean it happens ya know? Sometimes you don’t realize what you’re doing is being done to you. You know the whole “How you gon’ do a me on me?”

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you get the “Imma call you right back…” but you have a feeling that its more about your behavior than the other person being busy? Or you get that C.U.B. because of your behavior and the other person has decided to become busy also.

Alia Fleury and Curren$y state the case below. If you can relate you have the option to say ouch as you groove to the music.

Press play

From the press release

Born and raised in New Orleans’ Seventh Ward, Alia’s formation aligned with the city’s musical nature. Growing up in a musical family, the very essence of the city’s festival culture and the soulful tunes of Jill Scott, Anita Baker, Chaka Khan, and Aretha Franklin played significant roles in her artistic development. As a result, her profound, melodic tones take form in both upbeat and smooth R&B tracks. 

Alia began songwriting by the tender age of 12 when she would go online searching for beats and use Microsoft word documents to type her lyrics. She started to upload covers on YouTube in high school, which created visibility to her and her talents. The city’s close-knit community of local artists would become her tribe filled with opportunities to perform showcases around the city and by the time she was in college, she had opened up for The Scream Tour at the LakeFront Arena. She continued to create and write music while attending Xavier University as a chemistry major; she would later obtain her masters at Georgetown and most recently was accepted to medical school—approximately a year after signing with Jet Life Recordings, the hip hop collective founded by rapper, record executive and original Young Money Entertainment Records member, Curren$y. She equally loves both vocations, and has found comfort and balance existing in both the medical and musical world.