I firmly believe that it does the memory of the late great Bob Marley a disservice to refer to him as solely a musician. A force of nature, yes, a uniter of people around the globe, most definitely yes.

In honor of the anniversary of his birth, Grown Folks Music wanted to provide all of you with a special Birthday Tribute Mix. Special shout out to DJ PHAZE. You can follow the beats on Twitter @THEDJPHAZE.

GFM- Bob Marley Tribute  by  GrownFolksMusic

1. “Thank you Lord”
2. “Don’t Rock The Boat”
3. “Trenchtown Rock”
4. “War”
5. “So Much Trouble”
6. “Waiting in Vain”
7. “One Love/People Get Ready”
8. “Get Up Stand Up”
9. “No Woman No Cry”
10. “Stir It Up”
11. “Natty Dread”
12. “Guava Jelly”
13. “Rat Race”
14. “Stiff necked Fools”
15. “Rastaman Live Up”
16. “Iron Lion Zion”
17. “Crazy Baldheads”
18. “Buffalo Soldier”
19. “Redemption Song