First, BIG S/O to WestStyle Chronicles for the MC Competition: (Kim vs Nicki) post. Because, more than a battle between “emcees”, I love the coverage! I love the opinions and the who’s wrong or right from the people. To me, thats what makes it more exciting because you start to hear things that you normally wouldn’t hear if the beef/battle didn’t exist. Rumors and facts become the spoon that stirs the pot and I’m standing right there with a bowl ready for my serving of mess. #don’tjudgeme

And Yes, Ms. Chronicles, you are absolutely right in asking, “ how can you honestly claim the throne to anything when you’ve never fought a war to get it?”

That’s been my question since this whole thing started, but then my  next question is “how do you become relevant or remain relevant by talkin/rappin trash about a female who’s CLEARLY in the spot you tryna to be in/get back to?”


(annoucement voice) And now another Nicki Minaj mention.

Attention all  female rappers/shim-cee’s or what ever you classify your wackness as, and those trying to get fame by writing whole songs about people they really want to be like. *blank stare*

Do your self, and the people who can potentially become your fans, a favor… FIND SOMETHING WORTH WRITING ABOUT!

Now it’s one thing to battle, but it’s another thing to pay money for studio time and waste it on harrassing somebody. Keepin’ it all real, I don’t care HOW much one may not prefer Ms. Minaj’s work or her ridiculous circus ass, but you have to recognize her presence especially since no one else is present. Get it where you fit in. *shrugs shoulders, itizwutitizz* and that’s eggs-zack-lee what she did. She became the pink pencil eraser when nobody had a real earring back.

It just seems to me the ability to only entertain has now become the heartbeat of the operation. Not the talent, or the skill, or the passion, or even the knowledge of it.  You ever notice how when singers can’t sing people will excuse their lack of talent by saying “oh but he/she is a great entertainer.” WHAT? This ain’t the effin 70’s and 80’s. The people who were able to pull that off are dead; right?

I can’t help but always think, when conversations of  talent comes up, about that part on Coming to America when Sweets was like “dat boys’ good.”

But seriously, has being able to “entertain” become the excuse for NOT being what you’re reeeeally suppsoed to be?

Wikipedia says: Rapping (also known as emceeing,[1]MCing,[1]spitting (bars),[2] or just rhyming)

Whether thats accurate or not it seems like the last part about sums it up.

All you have to do is rhyme, your words.