Anthony David

For those of you who haven’t gotten Anthony David’s new album “As Above, So Below“, let me get on my soap box and say this:

What the hell are you waiting for?!? Buy the damn CD for goodness sake!!! What is wrong with you?? Do you not like good music?!?

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, we will return to our regularly scheduled program already in progress!!! 🙂

To give us a little taste and understand the inspiration for his latest release, Anthony David sat with Jodine Dorce at the 1st Hit Listening Lounge this past Monday. In this interview, Anthony shares some of his thoughts on spirituality, relationships and social issues spoken within his CD. He stressed the importance of showcasing a well rounded body of work within his artistry.

As always we must give a big shout out to the Music Addikts and Harmony InLife for another great event and a high five to our fellow sponsors, Moods Music, Jodine’s Corner, and Xperience ATL. Watch and enjoy the great pics and interview video from this past Monday!