After watching whatever that was last evening I can honestly say that I believe that I know what it must have felt like to be an attendee at the annual Telegraph Operators Convention around say 1905 or so. Or maybe the Horse and Buggy Manufacturers Convention in 1925.

Just like in the early 80’s when people like Clive Davis(the genius that he is) declared that Hip Hop was a fad, a novelty of sorts. There is an entirely different music industry that exists. Not genre. An entire industry, the likes of which the people that put on this drivel will never know until it’s too late and they are rendered obsolete.

We the people are no longer in Oz. The curtain has been removed and we pay attention to everything the man is doing because now we can. The way this new industry works is we(the people) tell corporations who we like not the other way around. Now that I think about it, is there a need for corporations? You kinda needed them when you had to ship your product all over the world, but now?

You won’t recognize the takeover because it will be gradual, but it will be.