(AP Photo/Matt Sayles)
(AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

I’m not a big fan of the award shows, so The 2010 Grammy Awards came and went without much interest from me. While I was excited for the numerous ‘indie’ artists that were nominated, I was also cautiously optimistic that any of them would win. Understanding the nature of the industry, the politics, NARAS and who actually votes…. the results were, well.. predictable.

Anyway, congratulations to all of the winners and look for The Foreign Exchange, Lalah Hathaway, Eric Roberson et. al to do big things in 2010 and be back… with some hardware. The highlight of the night (from the little I did see), aside from the Michael Jackson tribute, was Pink’s performance. Incredible. Yes, it was similar to an awards show performance from last year, but who cares? Nobody complains when your favorite non-singing singer, ‘sings’ the same tired song, in one position, off key with absolutely no stage presence. No names required.

Pink is an incredible singer, creative force and talented entertainer who ‘gets it’. But, enough of my rant, enjoy her breathtaking Cirque De Soleil-esque performance of “Glitter In The Air” while singing (no lip sync here), suspended in the air, spinning and wet. Let’s see your favorite ‘performer’ do any one of those!

And for those who doubted her singing during the performance, check her response via twitter:

I hear there’s a debate over whether or not I sang live on grammies. I have never lip synched in my entire life. I’m 100% against it.


Image Source: Matt Sayles