Great video, great song. This is truly what Grown Folks Music is all about both in artistic content and business mindset. The great folks from Third Cousins Media (who put together this great project) media release:

“Everything” Video By ABlack feat. Bluu Suede is on YouTube

At last the video is up on YouTube. We want to make a BIG splash so please forward the link to your friends and family. It is critical that we get at least 1000 views today. The Behind The Scenes video and other vignettes will be added later today. In today’s media market, the fan base is the new label. It is not about BIG deals any more. It is about making an impression with your core audience. If you are a fan of real music, please consider joining us in this movement!

It is so exciting to see companies like Third Cousins Media so eloquently making the case for what truly is a new era in music. This is not the old media with some new tools, this is new media. As I have railed more times than I’d like to count, the time has past for complaining, it is now time to ignore the bad and embrace the great. No one has time for any middle ground, it’s either bad or great.

If the radio or video channel doesn’t play what you want to hear, why complain, just ignore and seek out those channels and artists that speak to your tastes in music. As lovers of music we are completely in control now, yes it can be a scary proposition for many after decades of being told what and who to like, but now the choice truly is yours and so you really can: “Get with this or that…”