This PSA is brought to you by our friend at Sesame Street!!!!

The other day my mother and I were sitting down watching television. In between the commercials I usually like to surf the channels for something else that might catch my eye. As I’m surfing, I come across Rick James’ “Super Freak” video. Now I thought nothing of it until my mother said, “Lawd, look at all that hair”. As I slowly gave her the “side eye” I replied, “His hair?!?!? Do you realize that mo fo is sparkling more than a bottle of Moet???”  Now please understand, I’ve seen this video many times before but it was my mama’s comment that made me zoom in on the glitter. Now I understand this is Rick James and he’s known for doing some freaky sh@t but that is a “WTF” moment in Motown. Was Rick James high because he was really sparkling like a Christmas ornament in this video. But despite my “what the hell” rant Rick didn’t look too bad in the glitter. He looked better in glitter than Mariah. Oops….I wasn’t suppose to say that. Anyway……Happy Friday!!! 🙂