Yeah it’s me again you know how I always start trouble I mean new series around here. Well as we look at the calendar we can see that we’re 25 years out from that seminal year of 1988 (yes I’m dating myself as a proud member of graduating class of double ocho). My senior year of high school the production duo of L.A.& Face were heating up. They had a hot joint out the previous Summer on their label mates The Whispers, The Deele was riding the crest of two bangers, and the duo took on some outside work with none other than Pebbles.

As I mentioned on twitter just a few minutes ago in regards to Jam & Lewis, I will make the same statement re: L.A. & Face: These folks didn’t need gimmicks, reality shows, clothing lines, calendars, sodas, water, hat, coats or breakfast muffins. They let the music speak for itself, because when it’s all said and done, when the temporal phase of celebrity fades we will still have the music. The music is all that matters.

So join us throughout this year as we focus on what was happening with the music in culture not so long ago 🙂