Yes, we are and so are all of you who expect a certain standard for your musical consumption and lifestyle. This platform is about the music. Great music of all genres, not a narrowly defined proposition of what some come to expect when they hear the phrase “Grown Folks Music”.

More than a phrase(there’s a trademark symbol on that logo) Grown Folks Music seeks to provide a space where real conversations around great music of the past and present can exist without the commercialization qualifications that so often accompany and stifle real dialogue. In other words this is a place where if your primary stance on the relative greatness of a piece of recorded music is how many units it sold this may not be the place for you. We are not anti-popularity, we’re just pro-substance you know the kind of mindset changes that happens when you are Grown.

So we invite you and your closest thousand or so friends and family to join us if this sounds like a space that you would enjoy. From Classic Hip Hop to R&B, Soul, Rock, Jazz and everything in and between this is and we are Grown Folks Music!!!