Rarely do I find a song that immediately grips me to the point of speechlessness however, “It Ain’t Fair”, from the motion picture, Detroit brings an intrinsic moment to the table of our current society. Performed by the The Roots and Bilal, this song blends the elements of Pentecostal soul, coconscious hip hop layered with the rich instrumentation of a small orchestra. While the lyrics serve as the backdrop for the Algiers Motel tragedy during the 12th Street Riot of Detroit in 1967, it triggers the radio frequencies of the MLK Birmingham Letters in 1963, the LA Riots in 1992, the bloodshed of Trayvon Martin, Philano Castile and countless others along with the protest tensions felt in today’s Emancipation Park riot in Charlottesville, Virginia. This song, if you really listen, isn’t just a passing track. It speaks volumes, unapologetically, to the injustice and tears of yesterday and sadly in our current time.