Triple threat (singer/songwriter/producer) recording artist Tina E. Clark, has released a warm, inspirational song that speaks to finding a timeless, real love. An “Obama Kind Of Love.”

The song is rapidly gaining buzz throughout the internet and indie music scene.

Listen to her, in her own words describe the inspiration for the song:

I wrote the song after seeing Michelle Obama on TV watching her husband give several speeches throughout the country and it was obvious as the camera’s zoomed in on her, that this was a woman still madly in love with this man. I also watched him watching her as she gave speeches on his behalf and it was an obvious twinkle in his eye, the thrill was not gone; a love so strong that it captured the attention of the whole world. It rekindled fires that had gone out, it gave hope to many that had given up on love and family. Who doesn’t want that? I hope that my song will inspire couples and families to model what I call love Obama style and cause a discussion in our country (and in others) on how we can foster loving relationships, and stem the tide of divorce and division in our households,” says Clark.

You can visit her website to download the single as well as check out her other products. Listen to the lyrics carefully and let us know what you think about it.

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